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Moving Objects Databases:
Issues and Possible Solutions

Ouri Wolfson
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL

2:00pm, October 20, 2000, LH5

AetherSystems Distinguished Lecture Series in Mobile and Wireless Systems

Lecture Abstract

Consider applications of a database that models information about moving objects and their location. For example, given a databaserepresenting the location of taxi-cabs, a typical query may be:retrieve the free cabs that are currently within 1 mile of a customer at 33 N. Michigan Ave..Military applications utilizing moving objects databasesarise in the context of the digital battlefield,and civilian ones arise in transportation systemsand in systems that track mobile computers forproviding context awareness.

Currently, moving objects database applications are being developed in an ad hoc fashion. Database Management System (DBMS) technology provides a potential foundation upon which to build these applications,however, there is a critical set ofneeded capabilities that are lacking in existing DBMS's.These include support for continuously changing data, for integrated spatial and temporal information, and for uncertainty management.The objective of our Databases fOr MovINg Objects (DOMINO)project is to build an envelope containing these capabilities on top of existing DBMS's. In this talk I will describe the problems addressed by theproject, and our proposed solutions.

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Author's Biography

Ouri Wolfson's main research interests are in database systems, distributed systems, transaction processing, and mobile computing.He received his B.A. degree in mathematics,and his Ph.D. degree in computerscience from Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, in 1984. He is currentlya Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Scienceat the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he directs the Databases and Mobile Computing Laboratory.He is also a consultant to Argonne National Laboratory,to the US Army Research Laboratories, and to the Center of Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences at NASA. Before joining the University of Illinoishe has been on the computer science faculty at theTechnion and Columbia University, and he has been a Member of TechnicalStaff at Bell Laboratories.

Ouri Wolfson authored over seventy publications in leading journals and conference proceedings. He is aneditor of the ACM/URSI/Baltzer Wireless Networks Journal,a Member of the ACM SIGMOD Digital Review Editorial Boardand a guest editor of the ACM/Baltzer Journal on Special Topicsin Mobile Networks.From 1991 to 1996 he served as a National Lecturer forthe Association of Computing Machinery professional society.He participated in numerous conferences (including ACM-SIGMOD, VLDB,PODS, ICDE, NGITS, ICDCS, MOBIDATA, DOOD, SSD, GIS, PDIS, CIKM) as a program committee member, speaker, session chairman, and panelist.Most recently he was the program committee co-chair of the First International Workshop on Satellite-based Information Systems (Wosbis),and the general co-chair of the Second International Workshop on the same topic.He was also theGeneral co-Chairman of the IEEE Knowledge and Data Engineering Exchange Workshop,and he serves on the Advisory Committee of the NSF Center of ResearchExcellence in Science and Technology, at Florida A&MUniversity.His work has been funded by the National Science Foundation,Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Defense AdvancedResearch Projects Agency, NATO, US Army, the New York StateScience and Technology Foundation, Hughes ResearchLaboratories, and Informix Co.

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