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Challenges in Ubiquitous Data Management

Michael Franklin
UC Berkeley

2:00pm, December 8, 2000, LH5

Lecture Abstract

Advances in ubiquitous computing infrastructure are arriving on a daily basis and by all accounts this level of activity will continue for the foreseeable future. Such infrastructure includes mobile devices, sensors, and wireless networks all backed by an increasingly sophisticated federation of fixed networks and data centers. Ubiquitous computing promises unprecedented access, convenience, and efficiency but in order to realize this potential, data management technology must be adapted to deal with the limitations as well as the tremendous opportunities of large-scale ubiquitous data access. Challenges exist in core database areas such as systems architecture, query processing, and transaction management, as well as in emerging areas such as information dissemination and user-centered, context-aware data delivery. In this talk I will outline several of these challenges, and describe on-going work in two related projects that address these issues: 1) Telegraph, an adaptive, data-flow query processing engine, and 2) the Data Centers project on profile-driven data management.

Author's Biography

Michael Franklin is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley where his research focuses on the architecture and performance of distributed databases and information systems. Previously, Dr. Franklin was at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he led the development of the DIMSUM flexible query processing architecture and was a co-developer of the Broadcast Disks data dissemination paradigm. He is Editor-In-Chief of the ACM SIGMOD Record, is an editor of ACM Computing Surveys, and is Program Co-Chair for the 2nd International Conference on Mobile Data Management to be held in Hong Kong this January. He currently serves on the Technology Advisory Boards of several Bay Area start ups, including: AppStream, CommonObject, Propel, and RightOrder. He is a 1995 recipient of the NSF CAREER award and a 2000 recipient of an Okawa Foundation research grant.

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